The Easter Table

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Setting the Easter table

We are all about entertaining in our house, and I love setting the Easter table in part because the muted pastel colours are my absolute favourites!  I like soft subtle hues and a lot of white in all of my kitchen decorating and gadgets (and my child apparently – this was taken before he started picking out his own outfits!), making Easter a big hit for yours truly.

Charlie wearing Easter Bunny ears

Here are a few of my Easter kitchen favourites along with a couple of inspiration pics from the stunning Jillian Harris blog. She has SUCH a talent for making anything look beautiful, and always has since we were little girls. I’ve spent almost every holiday with her and my brother, and am so grateful to have such an incredible family to share my life with.  The pictures were taken by my beautiful friend and photographer Sharla Pike.

Setting the table for Easter

Layering textures, colours and patterns makes a world of difference.  Soft spring flowers in pastel colours are a must: I prefer using vintage bottles for vases. You can use real eggs or purchase ‘fake’ ones that can be used each year (or chocolate ones…nobody will complain) for placing around the table like Jillian did here.  I always go with a pastel linen tablecloth, gold or white plate chargers, and gold cutlery.  Jillian used milk bottles for the drinks with perfect pastel straws – love this idea!  Here are some of my Easter kitchen and table picks in case you’re looking for a bit of shopping inspiration!   I bought these plates (top left) and am officially obsessed.

The Easter Table

  1. Pastel Plate Set
  2. Pink Bundt Pan
  3. Children’s Apron
  4. Egg Cups
  5. Cutlery
  6. Bunny Platter
  7. Gold Basket
  8. XOXO Earthenware Pitcher
  9. Pink Cake Stand
  10. White Egg Platter


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