Staub Cocotte Mother’s Day Giveaway!

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Staub Cocotte Mother's Day Giveaway

It’s no secret that I LOVE the Staub products, and their cocottes are the definition of class when it comes to kitchen cookware. I wanted a cocotte for years and I must say, now that I have one, it’s one of the kitchen items that get the most mileage in our house.  The cocottes are a work of art AND are a dream to cook with!

Made in France, they’re perfect for slow cooking meals such as stews, roasts, soups, casseroles and other one-pot classic dishes and you can even bake bread in them.  Is there anything they can’t do?

I couldn’t be happier to partner with Zwilling to give away this amazing classic Staub 7 qt. Cocotte in grey to a well-deserved mom for the LAST giveaway for our Mother’s Day Giveaway series!
Let’s be honest, any mama who cooks will absolutely adore this.  Enter below for your mom, a mom who you know would love this, or…for YOURSELF!

Staub Cocotte Mother's Day Giveaway

Staub Cocotte and tulips


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128 Comments on “Staub Cocotte Mother’s Day Giveaway!”

  1. liza

    OMG that is an amazing piece I would love love love to win I am a foodie at heart love to cook and to cook for family and friends

  2. Nicole Grimm

    So pretty. A very thoughtful contest – thank you so much. From one mom to another, Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Kristina Patriquin

    I definitely need one of these!!! Thanks for the contest and Happy Mother’s Day to you as well!!

  4. Leah Christie

    This is such a timeless piece that would last a lifetime! A great hand-me-down for generations to come XO

  5. Leslie

    Staub is such a coveted brand. I would sincerely love to cook a meal for a family gathering in one a cocotte!
    My granddaughters love to come over to help. ( just like Charlie)

  6. Manon Pace

    Wow! I’ve always wanted one of these cocottes, my parents has an orange one but GREY!!!! Now that is chic!

  7. Belinda

    Love!!!! Staub products, they are so nice.. What a timeless piece, and a beautiful Mother’s Day giveaway! Something that could be definitely handed down for generations to come. Happy Mother’s Day Tori! Thanks so much for the chance to win of these timeless piece!

  8. Candace

    Hi Tori,

    What an incredible give away. Have always looked at these in stores, they are almost to beautiful to cook in.

    Thank you for all your recipes and advice and being a beautiful soul.


  9. KJ

    I think one stop cooking would really help me in wanting to cook more…I love the idea of one pot cooking…Looks amazing💛💛!

  10. Amy G.

    You’re an inspiration to myself and many others to get in the kitchen and cook/bake delicious and healthy meals. I absolutely adore your Instagram feed.

  11. Jane

    Beautiful colour , beautiful cookware. Would love to cook for my 3 (always) hungry kids in this lovely cocotte. Happy Mother’s Day.

  12. Bessie Calabrese

    My mom loves cooking and I have grown up eating her home cooked meals every day. As kids when we would ask her what’s for dinner she would say, “Claudia’s Kitchen!”. We would sigh and ask if we could go out to dinner (we rarely ever went out to dinner), but as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to appreciate her amazing cooking!!

  13. Sharon Gresham

    I have always wanted one ! Thanks so
    Much for the chance to win one 🙂
    Ps love following you on instagram

  14. Aleisha

    I’d love to nominate my best friend and mom-to-be to win this! She loves being in the kitchen, but will have to sacrifice some of that time once the baby arrives. One pot meals in this cocotte seem like the perfect way spend less time in the kitchen, but still have delicious meals!

  15. Kasey Curtis

    So wonderful you are doing these giveaways! What amazing products 🙂 wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day!

  16. Rhonda kelly

    Hi would like to enter for the staubb cooking pot. Lots of love from Newfoundland. Love your site. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.

  17. Joanna

    I would love to win this beautiful pot as I cook homemade soups regularly just like my own mother did who passed away this year. Thank you for the opportunity!

  18. Marlene

    For some reason it isn’t showing the part where I enter! I was able to enter the other giveaways and would love to enter this one as well!

  19. Linda Nguyen Hodgins

    My in laws are currently staying with us while they build their house here in Kelowna. (They left kamloops to be closer to us). We’ve been cooking together a lot lately and I absolutely love it! She would absolutely love this!
    Thanks for sharing all your recipes!

  20. siri jostad

    You are very sweet to share your favorite things and this Staub is soooooooooooooo beautiful. I have always wondered what the differences might be between Staub cookware and Le Crueset. it would be fun to know by having first hand experience (REALLY great color you picked for the giveaway!) thanks for doing it.

  21. Michelle

    Recently had a baby and could use some amazing cookware to inspire me to get back into the kitchen.

    Exhausted mommy over here! 🙂

  22. Tammy

    Your blog is so beautifully shot – your photos are amazing. This Staub is a beauty – lovely color too- some mom will be super lucky to win- very generous giveaway. Btw your sweet potato quinoa fritter recipe was a real hit with my sons. Thank you! ❤️👍

  23. elise webster

    love love love this! as a new mom who spends lots of time scrolling the internet id love this! awesome giveaway series 🙂

  24. Linda Rapini

    I am a mother of two who adores cooking for my babies and having dinner parties (regardless how hectic it is raising two littles alone!) Thank you for this opportunity to enter!

  25. Sarah

    My mom doesn’t live close by, but since I’ve had some health issues and gone vegan, she goes out of her way to try out recipes and foods and send them my way when I don’t have time to experiment. She’s a great cook that would love this!

  26. Chantal

    These items are such beauties & would love to have a #cocotte. I’m not sure how to convince that my family deserves this for Mother’s Day other than saying thank you for offering such a beautiful gem for the kitchen with endless possibilities…. In a great color too!! Lol. #lovemykids #happymothersday

  27. Kirsten N

    My Mom would love this gift. She is currently undergoing cancer treatment and my family is trying to cook up anything (which isn’t a lot) that her stomach can handle. We are three weeks away from the final treatment and we are looking forward to getting back into the kitchen and cooking up all sorts of tasty dishes!

  28. Shallyn Hayes

    This would be an amazing gift for my first Mothers Day of a beautiful baby boy Easton. I love to cook and make your recipes Tori! Happy Mothers Day.

  29. Nadia

    Always wanted one of these to cook some great meals for the family! Thanks for sharing this opportunity for one lucky mamma to win this! Good luck everyone!

  30. Hannah Wesson

    This would be amazing help in the kitchen! Perfect Mother’s Day gift, I’ve got a little one yr old and one on the way at the end of July.. I see a bunch of food prep in our near future haha. What wonderful giveaways you have and amazing blog. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  31. Gay blair

    My favorite color 🤗 I love following your posts and blog about your everyday life and family 👍🏻

  32. Rachel grover

    So beautiful, I have always wanted to own one of these. It would definitely take a little pressure off of my hubby and kids. 😉

  33. Claire

    Yass, the gray is just beautiful! I’ll be cooking stews for days the month of May for my mother and my family 🙂

  34. Laurie Panettiere

    Tori, Happy Mother’s Day to you !! Thank you for this contest! What a beautiful thing to do. Staub is the epitome of class and elegance and at the same time extremely durable. I would be over the moon to have one!!! I cook for all members of my family with all different palates, vegan, vegetarians, and meat lovers. This would certainly be the work horse of my kitchen. Thank you again, and ALL your recipes are amazing. Making the Sicilian citrus ricotta bundt cake today!!😘

  35. May C.

    Thank you so much for this amazing contest! Staub has such wonderful, well made cookware. Even if we don’t win, it’s a great investment for anyone that loves to cook. However, if I were to win, my Mom will totally love this, she cooks a lot and this would definitely help her out in the kitchen!! Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

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