Gifts (Made with LOVE) for the Foodie on Your List


Gifts made with love for the foodie on your list! Like this perfect market basket bag filled with a white cutting board, vintage spoons, napkins and a linen apron.

I LOVE Christmas.  I grew up with the most magical Christmases ever!  Holiday parties were on repeat, friends and family piled into our home (open door policy, we’re from up North) for eggnog, ALL of our family would join a big sleepover the night before Christmas and home-made Christmas presents were a MUST through the month of December!  I miss those days, and have been working hard to bring that magic back for my own family. And a part of this includes my approach to gifting and where these special items come from.

I have a massive appreciation for items that are made by hand: I made so many of my own gifts when I was young.  From small wooden bear ornaments with arms that moved to homemade shortbread wrapped up in a pretty bow, I truly appreciate the effort that goes into things that are made from scratch.  It’s the human touch that we all need more of in our lives!

Gifts made with love for the foodie on your list! Like this perfect linen apron.

It was an honour to partner with Etsy this year to showcase a few of my favourite things, with the foodie on your list in mind!  Etsy has created the most amazing accessible platform for people with passion and talent to sell their vintage or hand-made items without all of the crazy costs associated with starting a large-scale business.  I think of that mom who, in her ‘spare time’ (you know what I mean) wants to share her perfectly knitted toques or the student who makes pottery on the side and is putting herself through college.  Incredible amounts of love and work goes into these items, which means so much to me, especially this year as I do my best to choose gifts that are made locally, many by women that I know, who are working hard and trying to support themselves and their families.




On that note, I grabbed a cup of coffee, put on the Christmas tunes, and went online shopping for some absolute gems for the foodie on your list that I want to share with you below!  Of course, there are SO many great finds on the Etsy site, I could have written the world’s longest blog post on this!  Here they are…


Gifts made with love for the foodie on your list! Like this perfect organic Canadian maple syrup.

Organic Pure Canadian Maple Syrup:

If there’s one thing that our family loves, it’s PANCAKES!  But really, who doesn’t love pancakes?  I love the idea of giving a nice bottle of maple syrup with a beautiful bow on it along with a hand-written recipe card that includes your favourite pancake recipe.  Now, I’m not trying to be pushy here but if you’re looking for a good recipe to include, you MIGHT want to try my Angle Cake recipe (ahem, best pancakes ever if I may say so myself) or for a fun festive spin, try this Gingerbread Pancake recipe!  Maybe with a nice linen napkin tied around it?  Wouldn’t this make a perfect hostess gift?


Reusable market bags for the conscious foodie on your list!

Market Bags:

You may have seen these on my Instagram feed, but these bags are made locally right here in Kelowna by a talented gal, and I LOVE them for so many reasons!  Of course, there’s simple joy in using beautiful things for everyday use, and these bags totally qualify.  The most important part of course is that they are washable and reusable and help save our landfills from extra plastic. AND, for every bag sold they donate a portion back to help provide nourishing foods for families in need. Love it!  These would make a great stocking stuffer!

Rustic distressed white charcuterie board

Charcuterie Board

Holiday entertaining wouldn’t be the same without a good charcuterie board, and if you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect one look no further.  This board is a class act… of course, because it was designed by my sweet perfect cousin Jillian Harris AND made by Mindy’s amazing parents (of Team Jilly) who are like family.  Tie a big bow around it for a simple elegant wrapping idea or package it up with some of your favourite charcuterie foods with some festive cheese knives for that added touch.


Gifts made with love for the foodie on your list! Like this perfect linen napkin set.

Linen Napkins

As a food blogger I have a bit of a napkin obsession.  But not all napkins are created equal!  These beautiful hand-crafted linen napkins are so dreamy and well made, they will never go out of style and will last forever!  I got to connect with the lady who makes them and she is as sweet as pie, I’m so happy that I get to show them off on the blog!


Gifts made with love for the holidays, like this personalized adorable recipe cutting board!

Personalized Recipe Board

Anything personalized shows someone you really put some thought into a gift, and this cutting board is no exception.  Get your loved ones’ favourite recipe printed on the board (maybe one that’s been passed down through generations?) for the most special gift for the chef or baker on your list. My banana bread recipe that came from my aunt Mary will always be at my fingertips… or Max’s toes haha!


Gifts made with love for the foodie on your list! Like this perfect linen apron.

Linen Apron

Simple linen aprons are such a classy gift, you really can’t go wrong with them!  I adore half-aprons like these, and was so impressed with the weight and quality, they aren’t bulky and wear so nicely. You’ll be seeing a lot of these in my photo shoots in the future!  You could even package this up with a rustic wooden spoon and a new cookbook (maybe keep that in mind for next year when our cookbook is out, haha!).


Gifts made with love for the foodie on your list! Like this perfect heart stamped cup.

Heart-Stamped Mugs and Bowls

Oh my goodness – these are so amazing (my order was delayed but I am putting a picture of these gorgeous Jillian Harris x Etsy Collection Mugs that are so dreamy with the same design from the same beautiful collection)!  I love the detail in these, so sweet but classy as well. This shape of bowl is perfect for everything from pasta to soup.  You could even pair it with a set of hand-stamped vintage soup spoons or forks with satin ribbon tied around them to make them extra special.


Gifts made with love for the foodie on your list! Like this perfect straw market basket bag.

Straw Market Basket Bags:

Not to be confused with those mentioned above, these bags will make you feel like you’ve just stepped into the streets of France.  I mean, anything that makes grocery shopping more enjoyable is a BIG WIN in my books, right?!  They are sturdy with natural leather handles and hold a ton, I simply can’t get enough of these!  Wouldn’t this be perfect for the foodie on your list?!

Wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!



Gifts made with love for the foodie on your list! Like this perfect linen apron.

This post was sponsored by Etsy, all opinions are my own.

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9 Comments on “Gifts (Made with LOVE) for the Foodie on Your List”

  1. Chey

    We live in a beautiful community full of such beautiful talent. Thank you for promoting local creators. Amazing!

  2. Brenda Cremer

    These are all so lovely. I have a few on my list. The ceramic salad plates are on the way, I picked one of each, I couldn’t decide on just one.

  3. Harjit

    Yay for the One step eggnog , I recently discovered coconut based eggnog which is delish and one day hopefully my daughter (she’s dairy and gluten free) can enjoy as well. 🙂
    Insta fan@plumerea

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