Pastel Bikini Smoothie Bowls

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Pastel Bikini Smoothie Bowls by Fraiche Nutrition made with Genuine Health Protein Powder

Back in university I used to eat the same thing for breakfast EVERY day: a bowl of cereal.  Sure, the cereal choice would change a bit, or I would add some fruit to it, but there wasn’t a lot of variety.  While I still love a good bowl of cereal, I find that my breakfast, and every other meal, changes nearly every day.  I rarely eat the same thing, and it’s completely on purpose!  The reality is that when we don’t vary what we eat, we miss the opportunity to nourish our body to its full potential.

One food kick that I HAVE been on lately are smoothie bowls.  I’ve always loved a good smoothie, but there’s something about eating vs drinking a meal it that seriously ups the satisfaction factor!

I’ve been hitting the gym rather early (understatement of the year, I get up at 4:30am to squeeze in my workout as that’s the only time of the day I can consistently make it work), and am always looking for healthy satisfying and healthy options to refuel after I get back home. Having something that’s easy to throw together that is also high in protein is super important to me.  I recommend eating something high in protein with some carbs within 20-30 minutes of working out to maximize muscle recovery (you know, because I’m pumping some serious iron;).

I created these smoothie bowls with the Genuine Health fermented protein powders and have loved eating them post-workout!  I made them extremely uncomplicated so that they are easy to throw together with the ingredients you would have on-hand, and I loved how they stayed frozen or thick for longer, I find that the protein powder helps.  Though Greek yogurt is inherently high in protein, adding the Genuine Health fermented protein powder lets you get the 20-25 grams of protein that I recommend to properly build and repair muscle tissue.  You can use either the Genuine Health fermented vegan proteins+ or the Genuine Health fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ products, they are both amazing!  They have a really nice taste and texture, and are fermented to improve digestion and absorption (it’s reported that plant-based proteins are absorbed up to 40% more than unfermented, and fermented dairy is absorbed up to 25% more than unfermented).

Just as an aside, while I like the cute name of these smoothie bowls let’s be clear: I’m big on embracing and loving your body TODAY!  Eating healthier and exercising is incredibly important, but don’t lose sight of the fact that you are beautiful just the way you are.  This little meme below kind of sums it up… life is short my friends!

Each of these smoothie bowls serves one, and all you need to do is throw all of the ingredients in a blender until they are smooth, adding a bit more of the liquid if needed (I prefer to use a small blender like this Vitamix one or a Magic Bullet type of device for them).  They are best served right away but I froze mine as well and after letting it sit to thaw for about 20 minutes it was great!  You can top the smoothie bowls with so many things, these are some of my favorites:

  • shredded coconut
  • granola
  • hemp seeds
  • chopped nuts (walnuts, pecans, almonds etc.)
  • pumpkin seeds
  • diced fresh fruit (sliced bananas, berries)


Pina Colada Smoothie Bowl



Raspberry Lime Smoothie Bowl



Green Goddess Smoothie Bowl


Mango Lassi Smoothie Bowl



This post was sponsored by Genuine Health, all opinions are my own

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5 Comments on “Pastel Bikini Smoothie Bowls”

  1. Lowrie Barry

    Finally some smoothie bowls without any banana !! I hate the taste/texture of bananas and have been looking for smoothies and smoothie bowls without bananas added !
    Thank you – will definitely try the piña colada and raspberry lime !

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