Vegan Chocolate Banana High-Protein ‘Ice Cream’

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Vegan Chocolate Banana High-Protein 'Ice Cream'

I’ll admit, I have a sweet tooth, and my ultimate weakness is ice cream (it’s been my kryptonite since I was a kid).  But there’s only so much real ice cream that I can eat in good conscience! I’m forever on the hunt for things that will satisfy my craving for something sweet but also give me some nutrition at the same time.

I work out regularly, including throughout my pregnancy, and it’s important to me that I have something quick, healthy and yummy for a post-workout snack that includes some protein and carbs for recovery (Note: the optimal ratio is 2:1 carbs to protein for a post-workout snack, best consumed within 30 minutes of working out).

Vegan Chocolate Banana High-Protein 'Ice Cream' and protein powder

This chocolate banana ice cream covers all the bases.  Smooth, chocolaty and absolutely delicious, it truly doesn’t taste as crazy healthy as it is!  The best part is that each serving has over 10g of vegan protein.

Vegan Chocolate Banana High-Protein 'Ice Cream' in white bowl with gold spoon

There are so many options when it comes to protein powder, it’s a bit mind boggling to be honest.  I’m not vegan, but we are trying very hard in our family to eat as many plant-based foods as possible and reduce our animal product consumption, which makes a vegan protein powder a good fit.  Of course, many people are vegan, in which case this Fermented Vegan Proteins + protein powder is an awesome choice.  Genuine Health uses wholesome ingredients and takes this protein powder a step further with adding in the fermentation process. This fermentation helps improve digestion and absorption, reducing any bloating symptoms that people often experience with vegetable protein powders.  It’s also non-GMO and gluten free.

Vegan Chocolate Banana High-Protein 'Ice Cream'

I hope you love this ‘nice cream’ as much as I did, it was such a huge hit in our house!  If you want to get the swirled look, simply put the blended ice cream in a piping bag fitted with a large fluted tip and swirl away.  All you need to make this is a good blender or a hand-held blender with a mini food processor attachment.

Vegan Chocolate Banana High-Protein 'Ice Cream' preparation

Serves 2



Blend all of the ingredients together in a good blender or a mini food processor (can’t live without one of these!) until smooth.  Serve immediately.  If you are feeling fancy you can put the ‘ice cream’ into piping bag fitted with a larger tip and pipe it into your serving dishes.

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6 Comments on “Vegan Chocolate Banana High-Protein ‘Ice Cream’”

  1. Ariana

    Hi Tori! I love your site + snap stories and am looking for the recipe you used for last weeks vegan lemon curd with the cashews! I haven’t found it anywhere on the web. Could you help me out?! It looks amazing! Thanks love.

    1. Tori Wesszer

      Hi Ariana,
      It sounds delicious but I don’t think it was my snap that you saw it on as I didn’t make this. Maybe the fabulous Erin Ireland’s? Good luck and happy cooking! Tori

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  3. Elisa

    Hi Tori, I love your recipes and as a bonus many are a big hit with my kiddos! (I have a 3 yo boy and 9 mo twin girls). What do you think about giving protein mix to kids?

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