Strawberry Breakfast Popsicles


Strawberry Breakfast Popsicles - such a healthy fun way to eat breakfast that the kids will LOVE!

If you want to feel like an ABSOLUTE rockstar mom and have the kids feel like complete rebels, make these Strawberry Granola Popsicles.  I promise these will be their favourite way to start a day, and you’ll be happy knowing they are super healthy!

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Apricot Creamsicles


Homemade Apricot Creamsicles

Whenever I have a fruit overload situation my immediate reaction is to bust out the popsicle maker – my apricot ‘situation’ was no exception, Apricot Creamsicles it was! We LOVE making our own popsicles at home, and the boys are always right in there helping.  There are so many reasons to make your own versus buying them at the store. … View The Post

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