How we Survived 3 Moves in 10 Months

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How we survived 3 moves in 10 months: tips from the trenches from a mom of 2!

Moving. UGH.  But seriously, I think it’s one of those things that we all dread the most, yes?  Moving 3 times in 10 months with two young kids while renovating?  It was about as painful as it sounds!  If you’re wondering how we made it out on the other side alive keep reading lol!

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Pantry Designs That Make My Heart Go Pitter Patter


walk in pantry with open shelving, ladder and beautiful baskets

Hands down, my favourite spot in our house that we are nearly done building (yay!) is our pantry.  Charles and I spent hours upon hours perfecting the design and layout of our kitchen and pantry to maximize the space and cram as much functionality in as we could while maintaining a classy, uncluttered design. SHOP THE POST

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