Strawberry Breakfast Popsicles


Strawberry Breakfast Popsicles - such a healthy fun way to eat breakfast that the kids will LOVE!

If you want to feel like an ABSOLUTE rockstar mom and have the kids feel like complete rebels, make these Strawberry Granola Popsicles.  I promise these will be their favourite way to start a day, and you’ll be happy knowing they are super healthy!

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Breakfast Power Cookies (Vegan + Gluten Free)

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Breakfast Power Cookies that are gluten free and vegan made with whole grain oats, nuts, seeds and coconut to help give you energy for your day!

Life feels SO busy… it’s easy to forget to feed ourselves in the hustle, especially for us moms! These healthy Breakfast Power Cookies (that also happen to be vegan) are the perfect solution. Filled with nuts, seeds, dried fruit, coconut and whole grain oats, these are hearty, nourishing, and out-of-control delicious!

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