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My New Obsession: Earrings!

Stella and Dot Pegasus Earrings

I was getting all dolled-up to celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary out on the town (man how time flies!) and realized that I’ve been seriously crushing on earrings lately: anybody else with me?! There’s no better way in my opinion to dress up an outfit in a pinch than with some killer earrings, and that’s just what I plan to do this fall!

It’s funny because for a long time the only pair of earrings I wore were these studs, day in and day out, zero exception.  I’m not sure what changed for me, but for some reason I’ve been wearing lots of colour and am obsessed with beautiful accessories like earrings. There’s something so fun and ‘girly’ about showy earrings, yes?

I hit up Stella and Dot [1] to check out their selection and left with a bunch of amazing earrings that I LOVE! Here they are if you want to shop my look!!

Cleopatra Studs: [2]
I’m a big fan of stud earrings, and wear them on the daily.  I love these simple gold ones pictured above (middle right), they go with everything and are so comfortable to wear!  Click here [2] to shop them!
Pegasus Earrings: [3]
I love these edgy earrings and have been wearing them with a scoop neck black shirt (kind of reminds me of a ballerina shirt, like this one [4] or this one here [5]).  These are fun, flirty and a little bit bad-@$$.  I may just squeeze into my faux-leather leggings and rock them on a night on the town!  Click here [3] to shop them!
Roman Chandeliers: [6]
These ones are my ALL-TIME favourites in the collection!  I have them in white, but am going to buy the red too, I love how showy but delicate they are, and they go with everything!  I can wear them with a simple white t-shirt [7] and ripped jeans [8] or dress them up with a pretty white lace dress [9].  Click here [6] to shop them!
Effie Drop Earrings: [10]
Ok, how amazing are these?  I swear they make me happy!  I love how light weight they are and so retro looking, I dressed them down here but could totally see these with a long maxi dress!  Love them!  Click here [10] to shop them!
Gita Tassel Earrings: [11]
Yeehaw!  Again, you could totally dress these up or down (like I did with this jean jacket [12]); I think that something off the shoulder would look amazing with these and of course, since I have dark hair I love the contrast.  Oh yeah, and they’re white (my favourite ‘colour’).  Click here [13] to shop them!

There are a couple of other accessories that are my absolute go-to’s!  This Covet Sunday Bag [14] is the only purse I use right now, it is the perfect size to fit enough ‘mom stuff’ in it without being so big that you need to basically crawl inside of it to find anything (like my last purse, if I had a nickel for every time I thought I lost my keys but they were just buried at the bottom of my purse..).  Click here [14] to shop the Covet Sunday Bag!

Also, this engravable bar necklace [15] is such a good little gift (even if it’s to yourself lol, I’m good at that one!); of course I had mine engraved with Max and Charlie’s names!   I have also layered the round one [16] (I put Max’s name on this) with the longer one [17] (I had Charlie’s name engraved on this one, I had it before Max was born) and just wear the round one higher on my neck and LOVE that look!

Have an amazing rest of your week!!!