Big Batch Salad


Big Batch Salad: the mom's guide to prepping salad for a week ahead to help the family eat their greens!

We eat a lot of salad.  I mean, we eat salad pretty much every day.  We LOVE salad!  But just like most other humans, we don’t love making it.  So let’s take a second to be honest… making salad is a bit of a pain in the derrière, yes?  All that chopping and peeling and washing and then, oh for crying out loud, finding that salad spinner and then thinking “great, one more thing to wash”.  And let’s not get started on the dressing.


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20 FUN Things to do With Kids in Kelowna!

Kids, Travel

20 FUN things to do with kids in Kelowna BC by Fraiche Nutrition.

I get asked almost daily through Instagram about places to see and things to do in Kelowna from people who are planning a visit… and a lot of you have asked specifically about kids activities!  Charlie and I put our heads together to come up with a list for you to help make the most of your vacation here… or your staycation if you’re a local just looking for new things to do in your hometown!View The Post

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Strawberry Watermelon Refresher


Dietitian-approved Strawberry Watermelon Refresher that is skin-nourishing and hydrating without the extra calories by Tori Wesszer at Fraiche Nutrition.

SUMMER!! Where are you going!?  I can’t believe it’s almost AUGUST.  Time to whip out the blender and make some cold drinks like this Strawberry Watermelon Refresher … I’ll be honest, I haven’t taken as much time to chill out as I was planning and trying to rework my schedule for August so that I can spend more time with Charlie and Max, they’re growing too quickly!View The Post

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My Guide to Keeping Your Hair Healthy Between Haircuts

Beauty & Style

Summer hair care tips from Tori Wesszer to keep your hair healthy between cuts!

I vowed this summer that I would do less. And when I say less I mean less work, less house cleaning, and less fuss over the small stuff overall…and that includes my hair!  A lot of people have asked me about my secret to growing healthy long hair, and beyond my genes, there are a few things I do to help me maintain long healthy locks between haircuts…and I’m sharing them here!

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Okanagan Cherry Oat Bars (gluten-free & vegan option)

Breakfast, Desserts & Baking, Snacks

Okanagan Cherry Oat Bars from Fraiche Nutrition

I’ve been on a bar kick lately (not to be confused with a ‘barre’ kick… which would be a marginally more sensible choice lol!) and since it happens to coincide with cherry season here in the Okanagan… cherry bars it is!  These bars leverage the natural sweetness of the local BC Tree Fruit cherries that are literally falling off the trees in buckets right now in the Okanagan: this is my absolute favourite time of the year!View The Post

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My Top 10 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks!

Beauty & Style

Top Picks from the Nordstrom Sale!

I can’t believe that I’m already putting sweaters and boots in my shopping cart, but here I am, eek!  I love fall fashion but am in no hurry for summer to end.  I used to LOVE shopping trips with my friends, and still do, but mom life seems to have put a bit of a kink in that. Not that I’d have it any other way, but I simply don’t have time for long lazy shopping days sipping latte’s and closing down the stores anymore. So, online shopping it is!  Pretty sure I’m not the only one.View The Post

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