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Tori Wesszer's Outdoor Kitchen Progress with the DCS Outdoor Kitchen

Summer weather has arrived which has me seriously wanting our deck to be completed!  Renovations are SO much work (if you’ve renovated you’ll know what I mean): Charles has been crazy busy working on Love it or List it (TV show) and a part of our railing was back-ordered so we have had to impatiently wait to finish it for a couple extra weeks… but I wanted to give you a sneak peak at our selections for our outdoor kitchen which I am OVER THE MOON excited for!

We carried the same Fisher and Paykel brand that we used in our kitchen outdoors (check out this blog post for the range choice, more to come on the other appliances).  When these arrived they did NOT disappoint… even in the box lol!  I really love the industrial professional vibe that these appliances have including the DCS Outdoor Kitchen (all under the same Fisher and Paykel umbrella in case you’re wondering).

When we renovated the house we decided to make our deck a lot bigger and cover it with a vaulted ceiling to get the most out of our outdoor space.  We are incredibly lucky to have a killer lake view and of course, living in the Okanagan the summers get rather toasty so having a covered deck was key for us.  Charles is just as much of a foodie as I am so he was even more excited than I was that we were able to create an outdoor kitchen space for our summer barbecues!

The DCS Outdoor brand is super adaptable in terms of configuration, allowing you to truly customize your space (click here to see the options and to design your own dream outdoor kitchen!).  We chose a built-in configuration but they come in free-standing units as well.  For the grill we went with the 36″ traditional grill with the rotisserie: Charles was sold the moment he found out it has a sealed smoker lol, I can’t blame the guy it’s a pretty cool feature!  The grill is super powerful (92,500 BTUs and allows you to have precise heat control with a wide range.  I LOVE the fact that I can finally cook a killer pizza on my barbecue (it uses convection power to cook when the lid is closed).  It also has double-sided cast stainless steel grates for handling different types of food: one side has a gentle radius for handling delicate foods while the flip side is W-shaped for perfect sear lines while channeling oil away to an easily removable drip tray.

Along with the grill we added a dual prep area and an outdoor refrigerator option to keep bevies and salads cold.  They even have an outdoor beer dispenser (pictured below), though we didn’t opt for this. Now, a wine dispenser may have been another story!

We entertain a TON, especially in the summer, so the patio is used every day.   I love living where we do and can’t wait to cook more outdoors. We included a side burner cart in the configuration so that we can cook our whole meal in the same space and spend even more time outside; it even has a griddle feature… I sense an omelette bar in our future!!!  Or pancakes for the neighbourhood?  I suppose that was an invitation to all of you who live on our street haha!

DCS Outdoor Grill


This post was sponsored by Fisher and Paykel.  All opinions are authentically my own!

Photography by Sharla Pike Photography.


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3 Comments on “Our Outdoor Kitchen Update!”

  1. Michelle

    We have gone through a few BBQs – ahem Ontario winters with lake effect snow/wind. I’d love to hear how all of this great stuff fairs through the winter and what kind of outdoor winter prep you do to ensure longevity. Plus the pizzas – that’s the main part!

    1. Tori Wesszer

      Thank you Michelle! I will keep you all posted about how it fairs through the winter, good question. Pizzas on the bbq… yes I haven’t done that yet good one!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Julie Stenner

    Hi Tori,

    I have a question about your kitchen stools. I know it’s not directly related to this post, but it’s Kitcheny! I have been looking at the White farmhouse stools on Wayfair, how do you find they are holding up after using them with 3 boys for a few months? We are getting marble look quartz counters and these would be so perfect. I just love your kitchen, your style and your positive outlook! Also, do you have a swipe up link related to those stools so you benefit from my purchase? Thanks so much 🙂
    Julie xo

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