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Fraiche Nutrition White Kitchen Reveal

If there is ANY place in our home where we pulled out all the stops it was the kitchen.  Because let’s face it, as a food blogger I basically live in here!  Keep reading for all the details  including what I love the most about the space!


As a food blogger and dietitian it makes sense that our kitchen would get a bit more love compared to the rest of the house.  Charles and I spent a LOT of time in the design stage to make sure that the space really worked for us functionally and aesthetically.  And am I ever happy we didn’t rush this step!

In the end I’m head over heels in love with our kitchen: I wouldn’t change a thing. I broke up all of the key elements below and am super happy to answer any questions you may have of course, just comment at the end of the post!

Fraiche Nutrition White Kitchen Reveal


Our friends at Norelco designed our kitchen cabinets for us and they hit it out of the park!  Picking out a white was like pulling teeth for me – some were too warm, others were too pink … we settled on Benjamin Moore Simply White and chose a simple shaker profile with a slight curved detail in the inside of the frame to make the cabinets a little less modern looking.  I also added glass doors last minute to flank the range for the upper cabinets. They made a huge difference: the glass really breaks up the space and allows me to display all of my favourite things (all white, of course!).

Norelco was beyond amazing to work with.  They spent countless hours on the design getting it just perfect with impeccable attention to detail and have THE best customer service and team.  I can’t say enough good things about them – we had them back to design our office and I can’t wait to share that with you too!

Fraiche Nutrition White Kitchen Reveal

Range & Hood Fan

We cook a lot, so getting the ‘work flow’ of the kitchen right was super important to us.  From a design perspective, one of the best things that we did was to widen the space between the island and the stove (we have 6′ between the two): it gives us so much room to work in, and there are zero issues when the dishwasher and the oven is open.  As a family that cooks a lot I applaud Charles here: I wasn’t convinced it was the right move but he was right (just don’t tell him lol)!

We went with an 8 burner gas Fisher & Paykel range with dual stoves (gas as well) and it’s been nothing short of amazing.  It has a bit of an industrial feel to it, and quite frankly I loved the fact that it doesn’t have digital controls (the old fashioned dials).  Our hood fan was also a custom Fisher and Paykel hood fan from Norelco (they did SUCH an incredible job!).

Fraiche Nutrition White Kitchen Reveal


We do a lot of dishes in our home which is one of the reasons we went with a set of drawer dishwashers from Fisher and Paykel.  Not only do I love how they look but they are super practical as they function independently.  They do a great job of washing the dishes (I use Nellie’s powder dishwashing detergent for the record)!

Fraiche Nutrition White Kitchen Reveal brass hardware

antique French brass Emtek hardware


We have dual fridges from Fisher and Paykel that we had integrated by Norelco (when they put the cabinet faces on the appliances) and I must say that while it felt very very overboard we really use them given what I do for work.  The fridges aren’t super deep so you don’t loose things in the back and have a large pull-out freezer in the bottom. I have a feeling I may be thankful for the extra space as the boys grow older too (Max is already eating his weight in food!).

We went with the same colour of hardware on our fridge with this Spindle appliance pull from Emtek and it is one of my favourite things in the kitchen!  They are so classy and really make a statement!

Fraiche Nutrition White Kitchen Reveal

Fraiche Nutrition White Kitchen Reveal brass hardware and lantern lighting


Lighting… ugh!  I had SUCH a hard time finding the perfect lights.  The first ones we got were pretty but not a good fit (too big), and when I ordered these ones I panicked a bit thinking they were way too big for the space.  Charles hung them anyway when I was gone one day (sneaky move Mr. Wesszer) and lo and behold I LOVED them.  They make a statement and really frame up the island.  These are the 17″ version of the lights (I found a less expensive version after here that is 1/3 of the price) and we hung them just under 4′ apart.  Our island is 8’x5′ for the record, and I think the spacing was spot on.

Charles also installed a ton of pot lights in the ceiling – it looked like someone took a machine gun to the ceiling when we were building I thought he was crazy to put in so many!  But… again, he was right.  We went with the Sylvania LED pot lights and I am so impressed.  They are incredibly energy efficient (our electrical bill is a fraction of what it was in our old house, and the home is twice the size now!) and give off a really nice natural light that you don’t get with a lot of LED lights. Lighting is a big deal to me as it can make or break a mood (ever gone to a restaurant with bad lighting?).  They are so much more environmentally friendly, and you can even get them in a Smart Home function to customize and automate your lighting.

Fraiche Nutrition White Kitchen Reveal: brass antique French cup hardware and Silestone counter with Statuario


I really wanted to get the look of that marbled Carrera but without the headache of the staining and everything that comes with it – we went with Silestone Statuario by Cosentino and absolutely love it!  It has a light marbling that is classic and timeless and resists staining unlike Carrera marble (it does mark up if I leave something harsh on it like red wine or turmeric but the stains don’t last – it’s really a very durable product that I highly recommend).

We decided to go with a thicker countertop on the island which was a really good move.  We did the standard thickness on the kitchen counters that flank the range, but went with a 2.5″ thickness (install by Colonial Countertops) on the island which really helps it stand out.  Our kitchen has an open concept main level so this really made a difference!

Fraiche Nutrition White Kitchen Reveal: brass antique French cup hardware

Fraiche Nutrition White Kitchen Reveal


I waffled so hard on hardware.  I had polished nickel picked out for the longest time and at the last minute my cousin Jillian convinced me to switch to the brass – BEST MOVE EVER!  We got all of our hardware for the house from Emtek and they do not disappoint.  These are the French Antique Brass Cup Pulls with these round Norwich knobs in French Antique Brass.  They really warm up the space.


We went with Shaw Castlewood Oak in Tapestry flooring which is an engineered hardwood and it is so beautiful and forgiving.  It is a nice wide plank, light in colour but has enough grain in it to hide almost anything.  I love it.

Fraiche Nutrition White Kitchen Reveal: brass antique French cup hardware


Our backsplash tile is Frost in 3×5″ from Fireclay Tile  – we used ‘Alabaster’ as the grout colour.  It is a nice warm white and has a beautiful crackled finish.  Totally timeless!

Fraiche Nutrition White Kitchen Reveal Kohler Artifacts faucet in polished nickel

Fraiche Nutrition White Kitchen Reveal Kohler Artifacts faucet in polished nickel

Fraiche Nutrition White Kitchen Reveal

Sink and Faucets

I really wanted a farmhouse sink, and ended up going with the Kohler one that has the divide just offset from the middle – it was the best choice.  I highly recommend the divide versus the single sink – it’s nice to have a place to drain vegetables or rinse dishes.  Our faucets are from the Artifacts collection from Kohler in polished nickel which is a warmer finish.   We also added in a pot filler from the same collection which is really nice to have.

Stay tuned for a post on my favourite design elements that made our kitchen extra functional!



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67 Comments on “Our Kitchen Reveal”

  1. Jenna

    I love everything about your kitchen! Could you share the layout of your kitchen a little more and where your pantry access is? We are building right now and would love some layout advice!


  2. Chris

    I’ve commented on your Instagram page but wanted to say that it’s a lovely, well thought out kitchen. Classy like you are!!

  3. Heather

    Such a beautiful kitchen! Thanks for sharing! Any chance I could get info on your counter stools? Thx!

    1. Tori Wesszer

      Thank you Pat, yes it is a bit torturous trying to get it just right but I think that we end up making better decisions when we agonize over them haha! Have a great weekend, Tori

  4. Alyson

    I absolutely love your kitchen Tori!!! I love your faucets, lighting and we’ll everything!! I wanted those bar stools, too bad Wayfair doesn’t have them any more. 😢 thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Tori

      Thank you so much Alyson! We’ve tried hunting to see if we can find them other places but couldn’t unfortunately 🙁

  5. Krystal H

    Hi Tori! I am a huge fan of you and Jillian and love keeping up with all your stories. I am so happy you got your kitchen up on the blog, it’s beautiful! Just a kitchen question, when do you feel knobs should be used or pulls? Do you prefer one over the other? 🙂

  6. Jane Miska

    I love everything about this kitchen! Great job and I hope it is filled with many years of love and laughter!

  7. Kate

    Ohhh my goshhhhh! I love love love your kitchen! You guys did. Beautiful job and you are a lucky lady! Your dishes are so perfect.

  8. Alia

    Were you ever nervous about doing so much white on white on white? How did you plan for it with textures – what was your thought process along the way? I love white and am modeling somewhat after it in our traditional home build, but find myself getting a bit nervous it will look too bleached. Also, how did you decide what would be brass and what would be Nickle? Thanks!!!

    Would love to see dimensions!

    1. Tori Wesszer

      Hi Alia! Yes I was totally nervous about it but realized after that it’s just paint and I can paint it again if I don’t like it (even though that’s a pain). I loved how it turned out, a total blank canvas for decorating! I just went with what I like for the metals – it’s a tough one as there aren’t any hard and fast rules. I really like polished nickel faucets and I knew that the cabinetry would be warmed up and more timeless looking with the brass hardware. We will share our house plans soon!

  9. Deb

    It looks like you mixed brass and stainless steel throughout. Pretty. Any advice m/rules on how to do that properly?

    1. Tori Wesszer

      Hi Deb! I don’t think there are rules, I just mix where I think it looks good! I do like to streamline thing though – so if one faucet is polished nickel I want all of them to be, same with door hardware etc.

  10. Michele

    Beautiful bright kitchen! Love it! Can you tell me what color of grout that was used for the tile backsplash?

  11. Deb

    Perfect kitchen! You and Charles are a great tag team, so helpful to have each other to work through those challenging design issues. Great minds think alike and you both had the same vision to pull it all together, bravo!!

  12. Allie

    Beautiful kitchen!!! and house! and person! 🙂
    I was wondering if you find that your faucet gets dirty easily and if you have found a way to clean it without any streaks?
    Also, where is your fridge located? I couldn’t place it’s location from your pictures.
    Thank you for sharing so much wonderful information and I am SO excited for the cookbook!

    1. Tori Wesszer

      Hi Allie, no it doesn’t get that dirty and I just polish it with a clean dish rag and a dish towel! Our fridge is to the right of the sink if you’re standing at the sink:). Thank you!! Tori

  13. Jay

    Hi! Such a nice kitchen!! Everything was so well thought out! Any tips on budgeting to have everything you want in a remodel? (Did you save your entire lives?) LOL Our budget is too tight to do everything we want..

    1. Tori Wesszer

      Thank you Jay! I will admit that we spent a disproportionate amount on the kitchen vs the rest of the house given what I do for work. I would say to pick your big items that are really important to you and get budget versions of the rest! It really depends on what is at the top of your list. And yes, I did save my entire life haha! Tori

  14. Caroline L.

    Hi Tori, your kitchen is stunning! We are in the design phase of our house build right now and I was wondering if the glass door cabinets get sticky or greasy being so close to the stove? I love the look and would to do something similar, but I worry about the upkeep. Do you find it difficult to keep the glass clean?
    Thank you so much! ❤️

  15. Kristy

    Dying over your gorgeous kitchen Tori!! Every last detail is stunning. I need your brass pulls. And your flowers and your cooking. ❤️

  16. Kim

    Hi Tori! I LOVE your kitchen and had so much fun watching it all unfold along with the rest of your home all those months ago! We are in the middle of an unplanned kitchen remodel (burst hot water pipe) and I’m wondering if you put any lighting in your glass front cabinets?

    We have wood shelves in ours but are toying with replacing them with glass and installing puck lights at the top. I do worry about the durability of glass though!

    Thanks for any thoughts!

    1. Tori Wesszer

      Thanks Kim! We didn’t put any lighting inside the cabinets, just underneath. The glass is very durable but it does get a bit splattered from cooking. It’s a simple clean though! Happy renovating!

  17. Ali

    Beautiful!!! Is your kitchen backsplash grout made by Mapei? Also, did you and Jillian use the same kitchen backsplash grout?

  18. Kristin

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. I didn’t see any pics of the fridge or that side of the kitchen. Can you share more of that? Thanks!

  19. Danielle

    Tori, is that extra storage cupboards on the side of the island where the bar stools are? It looks like you have some touch-latch cupboards hidden in there?

    1. Tori Wesszer

      Yes! I will be doing another post on the top features of my kitchen and will include that – it is indeed a hidden cupboard space that I highly recommend!

      Take care,

  20. Jen

    Hi Tori, when you made the kitchen island counter thicker than the rest of the kitchen did you shrink the cabinet height to accommodate or did you just have the island counter sitting slightly higher than the others?

  21. Elizabeth

    Hi Tori!
    We just purchased our 11 acre parcel and are planning to break ground in the spring – your home is one of my inspirations!! I was wondering if you will be putting your home plans at any point? We are using an architect and engineer, but it is so nice to have some plans to go from – It seems like the flow of your home is really good for a young family (which is us too). Thank you so much for all of your content! Gahh – it’s all so beautiful!!!

    1. Tori Wesszer

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks so much – yes I think we will be putting the plan on to purchase on the site, but just haven’t gotten to it et. Congratulations on your new build that’s so exciting! Sorry for the delay by the way, just catching up.

  22. Laura

    Hi Tori, can you share which fridge this is from Fisher & Paykel? Love love love everything about your kitchen!

    1. Tori Wesszer

      Hi Laura it’s hard for me to know which one when I’m on the site but it is one of the larger integrated fridges with the freezer on the bottom – would have to try to dig up the order to see which one it is which I can’t find and the model number isn’t on the fridge! Sorry!!!

  23. Hannah

    I absolutely love your kitchen! I love the Silestone Statuario countertop, but haven’t been able to see a whole slab in person. I was concerned that the veining might end up looking too busy or pronounced (hard to tell in photos). Would you say that it is actually quite subtle/subdued in real life?

    1. Tori Wesszer

      Hi Hannah! I LOVE my counter top – I know how you feel I didn’t see it in a large slab either. It isn’t busy at all, it is really subdued. I’m super happy with it.

  24. Jen

    Hi Tori…quick question are the walls in your kitchen also Simply White? My cabinets are also Simply White and I’m thinking of doing the walls the same colour but am hesitant on it being too much white? (is there such a thing…lol)

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