My New Hair Trick (and a peek inside my purse)

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My hair colouring trick on the go for hiding those grey hairs in a flash!

I get asked a lot about my hair care, so today I’m sharing my newest trick for covering those pesky random grey hairs in a pinch!

Mom life is busy, so I don’t always have time to get super fussy with my hair… maybe you can relate?  I wash my hair every 2-3 days (a bun is my saving grace on those days when I’m giving my hair a break, stay tuned for my tutorial), and I use a super moisturizing and repairing shampoo and conditioner to help keep my hair strong and healthy.

How to hide your greys on the go in one easy step

I mentioned last year that I colour my own hair at home with Schwarzkopf Keratin Color (I use Cappuccino 4.0 – it’s the perfect shade for me but they have many different shades).  If you’re looking for a tutorial click here, it is SO easy to do at home and saves me loads of time and money throughout the year!

How to hide your greys on the go in one easy step

If you colour your hair, you’ll know there’s always an in-between stage when greys are poking through but perhaps not enough to justify colouring it quite yet!?  Or perhaps you’ve just been too darned busy to get to it, right?  I discovered the Root Retoucher last year (I use the shade ‘brown’) and I LOVE it, so I was happy to see that Schwarzkopf expanded their root lineup this year to include a travel-friendly Hair Mascara!

How to hide your greys on the go in one easy step

There are only a few things that I pack in my purse, and this hair mascara is one of them (I use the ‘medium brown’ shade).  It’s a breeze to apply (simply brush it over your grey strands) and washes out in one shampoo, it’s super compact (the size of a regular mascara bottle), and it does a stellar job of covering my greys.  If you’re someone like me who likes to travel light, it’s a dream!

A peak inside the purse of a busy mom

There are a few other things I ALWAYS pack in my purse as a mom and blogger.  I love seeing what’s inside other people’s purses, so here’s what’s in mine!

  • Lipstick (I’ve been crushing on this MAC Lovelorn shade recently, it’s so light and springy)
  • Wet wipes and a spare pair of pants for Max (we’re potty training, need I explain?)
  • Hand moisturizer
  • Face mist: I swear it keeps my skin young (I love the k’pure and it comes in a travel size)
  • Hair elastics or a scrunchie (Chelsea King scrunchies are my fav)
  • Snacks: I pack all sorts of things in these Munchie Mugs and include Kashi Bars, whole wheat fig bars, whole grain crackers, dried fruit like apple chips and little containers of nuts for myself …
  • Swell water bottle
  • My wallet (this is the one I have, my cousin Jillian gave it to me and I love it)
  • A couple of small toy cars and figurines – both boys love using their imagination!
  • My phone
  • Portable charger (they are the BEST when you’re on the fly and your phone is at 1%)
  • Pen
  • Business cards (I’m old fashioned, I still love them!)


If you’re looking for more hair care inspiration, check out the following posts:

What are your quick beauty hacks when flying out the door?  Is it a favourite blush that gives you that perfect amount of colour or a time-saving hair-do?  Would love to hear from you below!


Thank you Schwarzkopf for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

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