How to Make Pretty Bow Napkin

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Mother's Day brunch table and menu with a complete entertaining guide !

As part of our Mother’s Day Fraîche Table we made these pretty bow napkins… we’re in LOVE! Taking just under a minute to make, these napkins add the sweetest touch to your table!  Keep reading for the simple video tutorial.

For our Easter Fraîche Table we set the table with adorable Bunny Napkins and fell in love with the simplicity of how easy they were. They also looked incredibly cute on the table and made it unique. When it came time to plan for Mother’s Day we knew we wanted to find another way to up our napkin game.

Mother’s Day is one of those occasions where you want to pull out all the stops to impress the women in your life. Goodness knows they deserve it! We made these pretty bow napkins for Mother’s Day Brunch and they turned out SO pretty … we just had to share!  I’m all for saving time and projects that only require simple steps, which is why I was so impressed with just how easy and QUICK I was able to pull this off.

How to make a pretty bow napkin: a video tutorial

How to make a pretty bow napkin: the complete tutorial.

Materials Needed:

  • napkin (thinner fabric)
  • napkin ring (simple round preferred)


  1. Begin by folding your napkin in half from corner to corner to create a triangle.
  2. Starting at the flat edge, fold the napkin inwards in two inch folds, repeating until it is all folded.
  3. Fold the right side of the napkin 1/3 of the way towards the centre on a 45 degree angle, repeat again on the other side folding the left end of the napkin 1/3 of the way inwards on a 45 degree angle.  You should have about a 5-6″ flat edge at the bottom.
  4. Pinch the centre of the folder napkin together (see video) and feed one end through the centre of the napkin ring until it is half way through the napkin.

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