Cookbook Tour Dates and Q&A!


Fraiche Food, Full Hearts Cookbook Tour Dates

We are OVER THE MOON excited to announce our cookbook tour dates with you TODAY!  After 3 long years of hard work Jillian and I can’t believe it is here!!!  Keep reading for all the details of where we will be on which dates, how to pre-order the book along with answers to your top 6 questions about the cookbook.

First, I want to extend the BIGGEST thank you to each of you who have supported us along our fun journey and of course to anyone who has pre-ordered a cookbook.  It means so incredibly much to us, and we can’t wait to share our labour of love with you!  You can purchase the cookbook through Amazon (Canada), Amazon (US), Chapters Indigo, Barnes and Noble or pretty much any book retailer in your area; it hits the shelves October 1st.

Fraiche Food, Full Hearts Cookbook Tour Dates

As we have mentioned, we will be doing a cookbook tour in October… here are the places we will be hitting, we hope to see you there!  In the meantime we are sneaking in extra cuddles with the kids and prepping all sorts of meals for the guys as we’ll be away for a couple of weeks – yikes!


Fraiche Food, Full Hearts Cookbook Tour Dates

On another note, I have been asked heaps of questions about the cookbook, and thought I would answer them here.

Are all of the recipes vegan?

No they aren’t.  Almost all of the recipes have a vegan option (or are already naturally vegan, as many delicious wholesome recipes are on their own), but in most cases we have the ‘original’ version there as well.  The book is designed to be flexible to meet many different dietary needs and preferences.

Are there options for nut allergies?

Yes!  We included nut free options wherever possible – sometimes this didn’t match up with the vegan option depending on what was used as a substitute for any dairy (ie: cashew cream), but we did our very best to offer nut free options throughout the book.

Are there gluten free options?

Yes, same as the above.  We have many family members who have Celiac Disease and know how important it is to have recipes that can be easily modified or ‘flexed’ to meet all kinds of dietary needs.

What is your favourite recipe?

Ugh, just one?  Well, the Beet Rolls have a special place in my heart since they are based off of our sweet late granny’s recipe, but that Queso is beyond delicious – and is completely dairy free!  But then again that panzanella is what dreams are made of…

Your recipes seem to have familiar ingredients.  Is your cookbook the same?

Absolutely.  As a busy mom I have a tough time with recipes where you have to hunt all over town for some exotic ingredient.  That’s fine if it’s a really special occasion, but I believe that cooking doesn’t need to be that complicated or difficult.  You can find the ingredients used in our recipes at pretty much any regular grocery store.

Are the recipes easy to follow for a beginner cook?

YES!  So simple. I mean, there are a couple of recipes that require a bit of finesse (ie: the buns), but for the most part everything is as simple as it can be using fresh wholesome ingredients and no fancy cooking tricks that leave you pulling out your hair!

Fraiche Food, Full Hearts Cookbook Tour Dates

Happy September loves and I hope to see you on the road!




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3 Comments on “Cookbook Tour Dates and Q&A!”

  1. Nicole Philibert

    Got my copy on the release day and made the mushroom Wellington tonight for dinner it was WOW! So so good! Love you girls this cookbook is like no other. Awesome recipes in a stunning book. So so beautiful. I hate to cook so if you can sell to me and I actually make a dish you have definitely done a fabulous job! YaY!💞

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