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Cheater Chicken Noodle Soup

Cheater Chicken Noodle Soup with a vintage spoon and white linen napkin on fraichenutrition.com

I was bragging to Jillian the other day as she was nursing her cold that I hadn’t gotten sick yet this season (a mini miracle with two kids) as I smugly stirred one of the dishes for our Christmas dinner.  And then BAM, just like a big slap of karma upside the head, I got sick.  Granted it was probably from drinking out of her wine glass over the holidays (I can never keep ours straight), but that’s the last time I say something ridiculous like that.  I had it coming.


So here I am, sniffling away looking like Rudolph wrapped up in 5 blankets, and the only thing I want is chicken noodle soup.  But I don’t want something out of a can.  But I also don’t want to slave over a stove as I would normally do to make homemade soup.  May I present my compromise, which may have been the best chicken noodle soup I’ve made?  At least that’s what Charles told me, but he’s also feeling sorry for me so it’s hard to trust him right now;)

I used organic chicken from a local farm (Charles and I swear it tastes a million times better) and loaded it with veggies (you can even increase them or add extra like corn if your kids love a certain veggie). Alternately, you can simply throw in some shredded or diced leftover roast chicken.  Whether you’re sick or not this soup can be whipped up in 20 minutes and is an easy way to get kids to eat a few extra veggies!

Serves 8-10



*I used small shells, but you can use any shape you want to!