Back to School Snack Guide

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Back to school snack guide to make packing lunches easier for moms! Tori Wesszer from Fraiche Nutrition has put together a top 20 list of healthy kid friendly snacks for those busy back to school days!

I can’t believe that Charlie is already going into kindergarten, someone please tell me where time has gone!?  I get all teary-eyed thinking of him going to school, I’m going to be a complete mess on the first day! Speaking of which, it’s about that time of year when visions of school lunches start popping into mom and dad’s heads!

Before you hit the panic button (you still have tons of time to enjoy the summer, take a deep breath), I thought I would write a post to give you some ideas for healthy snacks to include in lunches to make life that much easier when September rolls around.

Of course, gone are the days where you can throw a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the lunch kit and call it a day.  In fact, packing lunches can be such a huge source of stress for parents.  We all want our families to eat healthy and since time is at a premium, finding convenient solutions to maintain our sanity is so important!

Snacks in particular can be a challenge.  There are a million pre-packaged options on the market, but many of them are loaded with things that we don’t want to feed our families including extra sugar, preservatives or food colouring, and many contain nuts which automatically cross them off of the ‘acceptable’ list as far as school lunches are concerned.  Which begs the question, what are parents to pack for a kid’s lunch?

Growing up in the Okanagan with fruit trees on every corner, fresh fruit was a school lunch staple in those early autumn months.  SunRype was a household name (and still is, they’ve been around for over 70 years…I’m not THAT old for the record!), which made me really excited to have the opportunity to partner with them at this stage of life when I now have my own kids to nourish!  I love that this local company has grown into offering so much more than just a fruit snack, and they now have bars filled with oats, chia, protein, and other good stuff.

Back to School Snack Guide

The perfect back to school snacks Back to school snack ideas from Registered Dietician Tori Wesszer

The Fruit Source and Fruit to Go bars are made from 100% fruit and nothing else, so there’s no added sugar and no artificial flavours or colours. The Fruit to Go bars are a great option for smaller kids, and are the equivalent of about a ¾ apple in terms of servings sizes.  The Fruit Source bars are a bit bigger and provide 2-3 servings of fruit (and veggies for those that have them) while the Energy and Chia bars are packed with additional goodness including plant protein, oats and chia seeds.

SunRype snacks are a great addition to kid’s (and adult’s) lunch boxes and are so easy to throw into a backpack or the car making them perfect for after school activities as well.  They are nut free for the classroom (and also happen to be gluten free and vegan) with a wide range of choices from the Fruit and Veggie Bars to Energy Bars, packed with wholesome grains, seeds and plant protein.  The best part is that they taste good, so kids will ACTUALLY eat them!

The best back to school snack ideas


Here’s a list of my top kids lunch snack ideas:

  1. SunRype bars
  2. Strawberry halves with Greek yogurt for dipping
  3. Hummus and whole grain crackers
  4. Mini muffins (try these ricotta blueberry muffins)
  5. Veggies and Dip
  6. Black Bean Brownies
  7. Hardboiled egg
  8. Grapes and cheese
  9. Homemade energy balls
  10. Applesauce in a pouch
  11. Homemade banana bread or granola bars
  12. Leftover mini pancake and fruit kababs (on a toothpick)
  13. Cheese strings
  14. Pita and tzatziki
  15. Air popped popcorn
  16. Edamame
  17. Tuna salad with whole grain crackers
  18. Apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon (Charlie’s favourite!)
  19. Cucumber ‘sandwiches’ (with sliced turkey and cheese)
  20. Roasted chickpeas


I hope your school year gets off to a fun and healthy start!  Would love to hear about your favorite school-friendly snack ideas in the comments section below!


This post was sponsored by SunRype.  All opinions are my own. 

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12 Comments on “Back to School Snack Guide”

  1. Roberta MacQuarrie

    Thanks, Tori for this. As a “Nonna” I too find it useful. I have forwarded this to my daughter and friend. All the best!

  2. Sandra

    These are great options. I am also a Nana. Back in our day sandwiches often came back untouched ( don’t ask me what they ate). Now they are packing school lunch for their own kids and I see a tend to light snacks like you have posted. For us avoiding processed foods
    has become a healthy alternative all the time..
    Lots of water and frequent small snacks seem to fire the brain for learning and muscles for exercising.!

  3. Jodie Bourgonje

    Thank you for this list! These are great options for my daughter in university as opposed to hitting the fast food line. I love the Fruit & Chia bars. I travel a lot and carry them with me. A healthier option when on the go!

  4. Jenny Simpson

    Thanks Tori! I’ve needed some inspiration for snacks for my busy 2 year old! I always struggle to find healthy snacks that I can make myself..our go to is definitely the energy balls but I’m loving all these other options! Can’t wait for the cookbook!

  5. Kelly

    This is such a great post! My son is going to school in September and lunches is one thing I want to do right.

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