Green Goddess Avocado Pasta (vegan)

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This has to be one of my favourite pasta dishes on earth! Brimming with flavour from fresh garlic, mounds of fresh basil, lemon juice and zest in a base of healthy avocados all from Nature’s Fare Markets, this vegan sauce is velvety rich without the guilt.

Butternut Squash Carbonara

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Pasta – it has to be the ultimate comfort food. It was rather fitting that National Pasta Day fell on a bit of a dreary day, perfect for a warm wool blanket and a bowl of cozy noodles. I’ve always loved a good Carbonara: such simplicity.  But also SO many calories.  I stumbled upon a recipe on the Bon Appétit … View The Post

Rustic Italian Lasagne

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There are a million ways to make lasagne, and everybody thinks theirs is the best (of course).  Well, I guess I’m as guilty as the next guy! I ADORE Italian flavours.  Basil, tomatoes, cheese… I mean, what is there not to love?  Pour me a glass of wine, put on some Dean Martin and I’m in heaven!  Now, this may not be … View The Post

Garden Italian Meat Sauce

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My aunty Becky once told me that there are some things you don’t mess with (ok, she put it a bit more colorfully), and for me, a meat sauce is one of them. I like it to taste like I just stepped into Italy and load it up with heaps of fresh basil from the garden and a healthy dose … View The Post