Homemade Cherry Ice Cream 2 Ways

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Homemade Cherry Ice Cream Two Ways including chocolate cherry vegan and vanilla cherry, made with simple ingredients by Tori Wesszer from Fraîche Nutrition and whipped up in a Cuisinart ice cream maker.

Everyone has their vice, right?  Well, ice cream is my kryptonite. It’s been my weakness since I was a kid and remains my favourite treat to this day. And let’s face it, on a warm summer day is there anything better? I think not. Which brings me to this post: homemade ice cream.

Chocolate Vegan Waffles

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Chocolate Vegan Waffles

Waffles: can you get a more perfect food?  We make them on a regular basis at our house, with frozen extras in the freezer for ’emergencies’ at all times.  Don’t judge me, we take breakfast seriously around our neck of the woods.

Frozen Chocolate Almond Bananas

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Frozen Chocolate Almond Bananas

Bananas have to be one of the most amazing foods ever.  Fresh, cooked, baked or frozen, this fruit knows no limits.  I’ve been making banana ‘ice cream’ out of frozen blended bananas for awhile now, but I’ve never actually eaten a whole frozen banana before.

Double Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

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Double Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

Olive oil and chocolate? Crazy as it sounds, it’s a match made in heaven. February is Heart Month and of course Valentine’s Day, not that anybody needs a reason to bake a chocolate cake!  I decided to celebrate it this year by raiding the baking aisle in Nature’s Fare, with a side trip to the olive oil section.

Marble Almond Bark

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Marble almond bark from Fraiche Nutrition

I have been making this marble almond bark for years, and am so happy to be passing on this easy and glamorous recipe to you!  It is incredibly impressive to add to your cookie platters or to package up in a clear bag with some pretty ribbon for a hostess gift!