Baby Food 101

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Baby Food 101

As a dietitian and hard-core lover of food, I was so excited when the time came to introduce solid food to our little guy Max!  It’s such a huge milestone in a baby’s development, which can be really fun but also a bit nerve racking.  I can see how parents can get overwhelmed, there are SO many different thoughts on … View The Post

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Day 5


It’s no secret that I’m in the throws of baby-land…and LOVING every second of it! So it’s fitting that on the fifth Day of Christmas I give you some amazing baby decor and gear with a $300 Pehr Designs Gift Card!  

Eating for Two

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Eating for Two: Nutrition Tips for Throughout Your Pregnancy:

So, you’re expecting a baby?  Congratulations!  There is truly no greater joy than being a parent, get ready for your heart to burst with love!  But before you reach for that pint of ice cream, read this post.  The notion of ‘eating for two’ isn’t quite as it sounds.