6 Ways to Stay Healthy & Active with Kids!

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Staying active during the winter isn’t the easiest thing to do.  It’s cold outside and that couch is looking pretty darned inviting, right?  As tempting as this may seem, it’s so important to keep our bodies moving in any season to help boost our mood and immune system, get a better sleep,  and of course maintain a healthy weight.

I’ll admit that being a mom adds another dynamic to the mix.  Gone are the days where I could saunter off to the gym whenever my heart desired.  There is less free time than ever, which makes it so important to find ways to mix exercise and play time to get the best of both worlds.


It’s a tradition of mine to invest in new workout gear in January because let’s face it, winter is far from over and a gal can use a little treat to get her through those remaining winter days.  And anything that gets me moving more is worth its weight in gold!  Joe Fresh active wear allows me to indulge in this ritual without breaking the bank (a nice perk in January when the holiday bills are pouring in!).

I’ve teamed up with Joe Fresh to put together my top recommendations for staying healthy, active and having FUN with the kids this winter!


  1. Take a class… or make a class!  You could go to a fitness class, but why not make your own?  Create your own fitness or yoga class!  Take turns being the instructor, or better yet, up your game and put on a superhero or princess boot camp (outfits mandatory).  Congratulations, you’ve just become the coolest mom (or dad) EVER!


2. Crank up the music, turn down the lights and put on a dance party with glow sticks.  It’s completely shocking how much energy you burn trying to keep up with the kids!

3. Dress for the occassion. Ever try to do yoga in jeans?  I don’t recommend it!  Find clothes that fit well and look great.  I fell in love with these yoga pants and the amazing perfect white boyfriend t-shirt (above).  Pretty sure I’ll be living in this outfit for the next few months!


4. Move it outside.  As much as I don’t love the cold, putting on the gear and throwing a few snowballs, ice skating or burning down a sledding hill on a kids toboggan feels AMAZING!



5. Make a winter picnic. Don’t forget to fuel up with healthy grub!  Get the kids involved in the planning and shopping by letting them pick out a new fruit or vegetable they have never tried to take along on the picnic for the whole family to enjoy.  You don’t even have to go outside to eat, the novelty of packing a picnic for an imaginary trip to next room will be enough!


6. Kill the TV…and iPad, and gaming stations.  But if you are going to have these games in the house, try to make them ones that encourage activity such as Adrenalin Misfits (Kinect) and Dance Dance Revolution (Wii).  Oh yeah, and that goes for you too mom and dad.  Put the iPhone away and be present with the family, it’s amazing what we’re missing when our heads are buried in those devices!

Photography by Sharla Pike Photography

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